Opinion Corner

Some of PSJ staff had this to say when interviewed about their work;

  • * Eric Tumwesigye, Manager, Legal aid - PSJ: Listening to and trying to understand the public and their issues continue to intrigue and surprise me even after working with PSJ for 3 years. I look forward to each day with enthusiam.

  • * Loy Namata, administrative officer - PSJ: Satisfaction comes from watching interns enthusiastically and sympathetically advising troubled clients and enlightened clients accepting their duties and responsibilities cheerfully. Of course working with a cheerful team is an added bonus.

  • * Juliette .M.Nakyanzi, Chief Executive Officer - PSJ: A simple “thank you” and a smiling face at the end of the clinic session shows how meaningful PSJ interventions are to society. It really brings a great sense of satisfaction to my day. Probono work helps me to mature as a person. It reminds me of a quote “I cried when I had no shoes until I saw someone with out feet” I have learn to enjoy the simple things in life.

  • * Douglas Mwesiga, Training Officer - PSJ: To make a difference in other people’s lives makes me enjoy my work every single day. It brings meaning and purpose in my own life.

  • * Rose Kanyunyuzi, Social Worker PSJ: Am proud to work at a job where we can actually see someone’s life turn around at a free cost. Kindness is the inner desire to do good works without expecting anything in return. It is a joy for me to work with PSJ.