Partnership and Networking

PSJ’s successful networking and partnerships ensures that other organizations and institutions are involved and have a stake in sustaining program impacts on the ultimate target group in the future. Each partner brings unique technical expertise and experience to the network.
PSJ also acts as an information hub, pooling best practice in the region and creating and maximizing advocacy opportunities to bring about and sustain change. At the same time, the flow of knowledge and learning is multi-directional, and PSJ itself will strengthen its internal capacity through its engagement with partners.


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PSJ is a member of the Uganda National NGO Forum which has developed its National Quality Assurance Mechanisms (2006) for civil society organizations which aims at promoting the adherence by Civil Society Organizations to generally acceptable ethical standards and operational norms. It sets principles and standards of behavior for responsible practice, to protect the credibility and integrity of certified NGOs and their networks in Uganda which has greatly improved the quality of work for the NGOs in Uganda which it monitors through the National certification Council.


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