About PSJ Cont'd


PSJ is a membership organization which constitute the General Assembly and is the supreme policy making body of the organization, trustees who provide support, expertise and advice to the organization, the Board of Directors comprising of elected members who formulate and supervise policy and program implementation, the Secretariat which is headed by the Chief Executive Officer who implements policies and programs of the organization.

Membership is open to all individuals who subscribe to the aims and objectives of PSJ. Life Membership is two hundred thousand Uganda shillings (200,000). This amount can be paid in two (2) or (3) installments. The money can be paid at the secretariat or in the Bank. Our members and staff are open to interact with the communities through the legal aid and mobile clinic programs. These talks will help to inspire and inform your group. They also help us to keep in touch with public opinion. PSJ uses this knowledge of injustices towards individuals and groups in society to work towards improving their situation.

Benefits of Membership

  1. Receive free publications from the PSJ
  2. Where appropriate participates in the activities of the PSJ
  3. Make decisions in the organization's planning process during the General Assembly
  4. Represent the organization at national and international meetings.

Legal Status

The organization is a legally registered, independent, non-governmental human rights organization. It is a charity, not for profit organization and it is duly registered with the National NGO Board in Uganda for the next five years.

Learning and best practices

Upon receiving reports from the Secretariat, the Board of Directors hold Program Committee meetings which take place every year. In these meetings, the committee reviews the achievements, challenges and lessons learnt during the previous year and reviews and revises strategies as needed. The committee also reviews the next year’s work plan and provides guidance accordingly